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My 130lbs weight-loss Challenge through Fitness Boxing

I have been training boxing for the past 9 months to lose weight and incredibly I lost 70 lbs of weight. I used to be 200 lbs in and in the borderline of obesity and over-weight. I spent most of my college days and early 20s over-weight because of unhealthy diet and lack of exercise. Certain health issues that I have been experiencing because of my weight led me to do something about it. I started to make a goal that by the end of 2009 I will be 130 lbs and be in the most healthy state of life.

I looked up in internet to find the best solution for my problem and found “Stop-and-Go motion” like sports will give better results than “Steady-State-Motion”. So I further did more research about Stop-and-Go Motion and discovered that almost all sports have this like Basket ball,Tennis, Badminton, and Boxing. And I have always wanted to try boxing so I enrolled to the nearest boxing gym in our place.

My training consist of Stretchings, Skip ropes, Mitts, Punching Bag, Speed ball, Double-leak ball, Ab work-out, Stretching again, and an awesome massage. This kind of training last for about 1-1 1/2 hour and I have kept doing this for about 3 times a week for 5 months. I also followed a certain diet its a low fat low carb high fiber high protein kind of diet.

My first 3 months of training and diet helped me lose 50 lbs and after that, my body started to adjust to my diet so the progress of me losing weight have gotten slower. I’ve learned that changing certain routine to your activity will help you lose weight efficiently and effectively. So added resitance training to my routine using dumbell exercise and wearing ankle weights and by that I have achieved my goal weight of 130 lbs within 7 months and now I am just maintaining my current weight.

It was a challenge but I enjoyed this kind of workout because I learned so many things in boxing. Most of the boxing trainers give you advice on what to eat and how to change it up since because most of them are former professional boxers quite good on losing and maintaining weight so their advice proves to be very very helpful. Boxing did’nt just helped me lose weight, it also gave new views in life. It developed my Self-confidence (now i’m-over-confident-close-to-cockyness lol), Self reliance, and builds me up to a better character. Camaraderie with fellow gym members is also fun because many came from all walks of life and we motivate each other to reach our common goals. Boxing gave so much and I want to give back to boxing by promoting fitness boxing to people world wide (hope so lol peace).