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Foods To Avoid On A Low Calorie Diet Plan

Diet commercials are always touting “Eat whatever you want and lose weight!” For most, though, that just doesn’t happen. A low calorie diet plan is essential for weight loss.

Diet commercials are always touting “Eat whatever you want and lose weight!” I hate to say it, but it’s not a realistic way to look at weight loss.

A low calorie diet plan is just that — low calorie. That means you’ll have to cut out or way back on some foods that you might have previously enjoyed. It’s hard to give it up, but you have a choice: fatty food or a great body?

It’s time to change your habits, and take on a low calorie diet plan. Foods to include are lean proteins like chicken, green veggies like spinach and whole grains like brown rice. But the list of what foods need to go is just as important, and it includes:

  1. Margarine: It might be called food, but it should be called plastic. It’s highly fattening and incredibly calorically dense as well, with 100 calories in a single tablespoon.In addition, it’s high in trans fat, which is the worst substance you can put in your body. This isn’t a type of food to include in your low calorie diet plan.
  2. French fries: You eat them with every restaurant meal, and they come with an unhealthy serving of saturated fat, trans fats and way too much salt.Rather than fries as a side, ask for a salad, fruit or anything other than French fries. (That doesn’t mean you can indulge in onion rings instead.)
  3. Processed cheese: It might look (kind of) like cheese, it might have the word “cheese” on the package, but it’s just not cheese. In fact, suppliers can’t label it as cheese, and instead have to use a phrase such as “cheese product.” Eat natural, nonfat cheese and leave this non-food at the grocery store.
  4. Whole milk: Skim milk has 86 calories and .4 grams of fat per glass, while whole milk has a staggering 160 calories and 9 grams of saturated fat per glass. Milk is an acceptable source of protein, but only if it’s skim. One percent can be consumed only occasionally.
  5. Pizza: Everyone loves a good piece of pie. Multiply that times three or four, which is what most people consume, and your program is shot.
  6. Alcohol: You can eat right all week, and then go out on the weekend and destroy it with six or seven beers. Those beers have up to 1,000 calories when combined. That’s basically half a day’s calories. There’s no nutritional value to alcohol, and it can cause someone to eat worse later in the night. Late-night order of fries, anyone? Your low calorie diet plan doesn’t need these kinds of pitfalls.
  7. Soda: This is basically America’s downfall. On average, each person in America drinks 56 gallons of soda every year. Just one can of regular soda has 153 calories — now add up how many sodas you drink per day. If soda has to be included in your program, it has to be diet.
  8. Commercial peanut butter: Peanut butter isn’t a bad choice. It’s the ingredient list that includes high-fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils that creates the problem. There should be only one ingredient in peanut butter, and that’s peanuts. It doesn’t need sugar, corn syrup or even extra salt. Read the labels on all-natural peanut butter and find one with only one ingredient.

It’s a better pick for your low calorie diet plan.