A Brief History of Boxing

Boxing is a fist-fighting sport between two matched fighters wearing padded gloves. A boxer’s goal is to land as many punches as possible to the head and torso of the opponent, using strength and speed to dominate the match. One of the oldest forms of martial art still practiced, boxing dates back thousands of years ago. Today, the sport is very popular all throughout the world and encompasses both amateur and professional matches. Sometimes it is referred to as pugilism, from the Latin word pugil, meaning “a boxer.”

For most of the 20th century, boxing attracted huge fan and media attention in the world. Some boxing champions became legendary, larger-than-life figures, such as Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, Sugar Ray Robinson, Muhammad Ali, and Mike Tyson. Even though being hardly criticized for its violent nature and high injury rate, boxing has somehow always managed to survive and even thrive as a sport.

Records show the sport was part of the ancient Olympic Games of 688 BC. Plato mentions boxing in both The Republic and the dialogue Gorgias, and the poet Pindar elegized the Olympic boxing champion of 474 BC.

The Romans also embraced the sport of boxing, turning it into a brutal gladiatorial spectacle. Boxers of this time covered their hands and arms with a leather thong called a cestus, sometimes studding it with metal spikes. The combatants often fought until one was fatally injured.

Sports scientists will agree that fitness boxing is one of the best forms of exercise, because it conditions the total body and provides a complete workout for your cardiovascular and endurance systems. Its major benefits are increased stamina, strength, speed, coordination, and shed pounds.

The sport also promotes a person’s well being by strengthening their self-discipline and combined with strength training, it can be considered truly the total package for self-defense and fitness in one!

Based on my personal experience the usual workout will last more less than an hour. Fitness boxing will give you a complete workout and yield great results.…

In Fitness Boxing Training – The 3 Most Common Errors (and How to Fix Them)

Have you bought boxing gear to workout at home? Good decision. Fitness Boxing at home is effective, free and fun. However, like any exercise, to get great results and keep it safe you’ve got to do it right. Here are 3 common errors and how to fix them.

Error #1 – Poor Punching Technique. Do you know women often punch better than men? When men start my Box-out classes many of them think they can punch, and try too hard. They over do it and punch with poor technique. A good punch is like a good tennis or golf shot. It’s got to have power, speed and control.

How to do it Right – Start with a Boxer’s stance. Left foot forward (left handers may be opposite). Get up on the balls of the feet, bend the legs a little, upper body side on, fists up near your face and float like a butterfly – in and away. As you punch , use your core in every punch. Try not to arm swing. Also keep the hands up all the time, so they are ready for the next punch. Remember to follow through with every punch. Sink it in to the target.

Error #2 – Poor Punch Mitt Holding Technique. Poor mitt holding creates a poor target for your boxer and increases the risk of injury for both partners.

How to do it Right – Elbows in tight (no chicken wings!). Keep the mitts fairly close together, about upper chest high. Angle them inwards. Catch the punch, don’t whack it. As mitt holder, you call the shots – left, right, left-right etc. As you get better include the uppercut and hook punches.

Error #3 – Not following a Format. Have you ever tried to punch a punching bag hard for 3 minutes? It’s almost impossible, unless you’re a conditioned fighter. Many people punch endlessly without using rounds and they don’t use authentic combinations. Your workout won’t flow and you won’t get the most out of it. You’ll also burn out fast.

How to do it Right – Buy a kitchen cooking timer that counts down. Start with one or two minute rounds then build up to 3 minute rounds. Use authentic combos, but start with simple ones. Here are 3 combos to get you going. You can use these combos on your punching bag or on punch mitts with a partner.

L,R (left jab, right cross)

L,L,R (double left jab, right cross)

L,R,L (left jab, right cross, left jab)

Those are the 3 most common errors and how to fix them. Also, don’t forget to buy good quality boxing gloves and wear hand wraps underneath – to protect your knuckles and joints.

You will get Fighting Fit!…

Advantages Of Fitness Training With Boxing

Beating up a person is not the end all and be all of boxing. It can also be a very good form of training fitness program. It does not only offer you a great possibility of owning a toned body, it could also boost your confidence and increase your body’s strength.

Among the many things that a person could learn from the sport is discipline. This is the reason why it is an ideal form of fitness training exercise as it develops the body as well as the mind. Along with the strengthening of the muscles and the legs, the emotional balance and inner strength also develops.

Boxing has come a long way from being male-dominated sports full of of punching and has become one of the most sought-after form of exercise because of the high endurance cardiovascular training that a person undergoes that lead to perfectly toned muscles. Especially with the coming of Tae Bo, boxing has become more accepted in mainstream body fitness. Needless to say, Tae Bo crystallized boxing’s legitimacy as a training workout.

The kind of fitness training that was derived from boxing mixes jabs, defensive moves and punches with some aerobic exercises. Yet, even with this modified version, you are not getting an inferior form of training. The reason for this is because you still use the same stance as those that are used by professional power punchers.

The mix of boxing offensive and defensive stances in the workout that you do makes you imagine that you are really fighting another person. Strong kicks and punches that are thrown in the air are very common when you are doing the training. Furthermore, you would also be asked to have a sparring duel with a co-workout participant, both of you wearing protective padding, of course.

Imagine, an hour workout can already help you burn 300-500 calories and make your heart maintain seventy-five to eighty-five percent of the heart’s regular heartbeat rate. It also helps you become much faster, stronger, flexible and resilient. While your reflexes become faster, your arms and legs become stronger with all the jogging and punching that you regularly do. Your joints can also become more balanced and coordinated, helping your body to acquire a much better form. In addition, it is also very ideal for beginning workout trainees., especially those who wants to have some specific areas targeted in their workout.

While helping your body keep in shape, you also get to learn how to defend yourself in some unavoidable situations. It is actually a good way to relieve stress and exercise self-control. This is really something for a sport known to be brutal but could actually help people to loosen up.…